Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff

Dana J. Frederick

Dana J. Frederick

Director, Missouri Innovation Academy

Research and professional interests: small business owner and operator; faculty advisor, Phi Delta Theta; faculty, Living-Learning Community

Dr. Dana L. Haggard

Research and professional interests: interpersonal relationships in the workplace; abusive supervision; supervisor-subordinate interactions; mentoring; co-rumination; workplace friendships; coping; job search

Dr. Richard A. Johnson

Teaching: CIS 260 Application Development I, CIS 270 Application Development II.

Dr. Rajeev Kaula

Teaching: CIS 790 Seminar in Management Information Systems, CIS 746 Data Management, CIS 431 Systems Analysis and Design, CIS 429 Information Systems in Business, CIS 461 Strategic Management Information Systems

Dr. Melody B. LaPreze

Research and professional interests: leadership; motivation; socialization; organizational top leadership

Dr. Tom M. Margavio

Teaching: CIS 239 Computer Hardware, Operating Systems, and Networking, CIS 330 Linux System Administration and Basic Shell Scripting

Michael W. Merrigan

Research and professional interests: healthcare; patient safety; governance and leadership

Dr. Wes Scroggins

Research and professional interests: person-job and person-organization fit; job attitudes; personnel selection; performance management; retention management and turnover; application of human resource management functions in small business contexts

Dr. Steven L. Thomas

Research and professional interests: compensation systems; human resource regulation; performance management and total rewards

Dr. Cathy A. Van Landuyt

Teaching: CIS 201 Computer applications for business.